Fabrication of Multifunctional Inorganic Hybrid Nanostructures


▶Anisotropic multimetallic nanomaterials with controllable composition, crystal orientation, and defect

▶Atomically-dispersed metal catalysts on 2D nanostructures for improved catalytic performance

▶Multinary metal chalcogenides via cation exchange

▶Development of metal-organic framework (MOF) nanoparticles and MOF-derived multinary inorganic nanocomposites

▶Development of highly porous multifunctional nanocarriers with customized properties

Heterogeneous Nanomaterials for Photo/Electrochemical catalysis


▶Establishing fundamental understanding on active interfaces in hybrid nanostructures, such as metal/metal, oxide/metal, and oxide/oxide junctions

▶Knowledge-based design and controlled synthesis of highly efficient and robust OER and HER photo/electro-catalysts for next-generation energy storage and conversion systems.

▶Nanocatalysts deposited on 3D conductive supports for improved electrochemical performances

▶Photon-induced water splitting based on metal/semiconductor junctions

Coordination Polymer Based Hybrid Materials for Effective Catalysis

3차년도 나노스페이스.jpg

▶Development of hybrid nanomaterials with customized configurations as efficient catalysts because they perform  not only inherit characteristic properties of each individuals but also exhibit unique synergistic properties.
▶Fabrication of hybrid nanomaterials via “nanospace engineering” by growth of nano metal-organic framework on multi-functional nanosupport for improved catalytic performances
▶Develoment of metal-organic framework-based single atom catalysts for enhanced energy-related applications

Multilevel Coordination-Driven Assembly and Metallosupramolecules with Structural Hierarchy


Design of hierarchical metallosupramolecules (Superb-Molecules)

▶Construction of higher-order molecular platforms through Multilevel Assembly Approach

▶Establishment of a molecular cage library with target-orientated functionality

▶Systematic proliferation and implementation of supramolecular building units for the construction of higher-order molecular platforms

▶Study on biomimetics, gas separation, and catalytic applications of multiple hierarchical structures